Family Jobs

What is the Family Job Requirement?

CHESS Christian School is dedicated to providing affordable Christian education.  Family Jobs allow CHESS to keep tuition low, while providing families opportunities to give back to the community using their God-given gifts!

The standard requirement for family jobs to keep our tuition low is:

  • 3 instructional hours or less = 30 minutes of work/week, or the equivalent
  • 3.5+ instructional hours = 1 hour of work/week, or the equivalent

Some families are in a stage of life, however, and find it difficult to complete the family job requirement. If you would rather “buy out” of your family job than work the required hours, the annual buy out is $360 for the year, or $180 for the semester.  The Family Job buy-outs will be assessed to the tuition bill.

As parents, teachers, and administrators of CHESS Christian work together, our Christian Community built on Passionate Discipleship is realized, and students are provided an Affordable Quality Education through Flexible Engagement to experience Contagious Learning.

Holly Simpson

Phone: 937.985.2082

Contact Holly Simpson at to sign up for your family job, or to verify the number of hours worked to date.

Family Jobs are a fun, practical way to serve with the entire family!