What is CHESS?

CHESS is an acronym which stands for Christian Hybrid Educational Support School. We are not a chess club, and ironically, we do not yet have a chess class offering!

CHESS Christian School desires to meet the needs of both homeschooled students as well as traditionally schooled students. Similar to a university or college, students are able to attend CHESS for as little as one class a week, or as much as full time. Each family can decide on an individualized schedule that works best for their child and family.

The CHESS Christian model of education is unique.  CHESS is committed to preparing students for the marketplace in the 21st century.  Research indicates that nearly 64% of jobs in which our students will work are not yet even created!  Experts in the marketplace are looking for: Self-learners, Entrepreneurs, Problem-solvers, & Critical-thinkers!

CHESS Christian School is committed to working with students according to their God-given bent to help them solve problems they have never seen before.  We believe the Kingdom of God will be expanded through the next generation as CHESS students enter the marketplace equipped with a strong personal and professional identity, creative thinking, and self-regulation.

If you are interested in learning more about preparing the next generation for a 21st century marketplace, google “Jobs Not Yet Created”, and click on some of the below links.

Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Exist

Choosing Careers from Future Jobs

Enjoy watching the following link for the rationale behind the unique educational offerings at CHESS.

Students of the Future