Jr. High/High School Science

*Courses/curriculum/teachers reflect CHESS Christian School's 2017-18 schedule.

                       7th Grade

 Tanya Casey  TCasey@CHESSchristian.com

Tanya Casey



Life Science provides a thorough overview of the life sciences in a new two-volume set with larger formatting and single-column text. Students will explore the living world from cellular biology and genetics to zoology and ecology.


Tuesday/Thursday (1:41 - 2:45)


                       8th Grade

 Tanya Casey  TCasey@CHESSchristian.com

Tanya Casey


Earth Science guides students in an examination of God’s handiwork. Affirming the young earth creationist view of the Earth’s history and disproving the evolutionary views pervading the scientific community and modern culture, the science educational materials presents an engaging study of scientific philosophies and models, meteorology, geology, and oceanography.


 Tuesday/Thursday (10:51 – 11:51)

                       HIGH SCHOOL

 Laura Schantz  LSchantz@CHESSchristian.com

Laura Schantz


 Tanya Casey  TCasey@CHESSchristian.com

Tanya Casey



Biology shows your student God’s power and glory in creation as he learns about cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy, microbiology, botany, zoology, and human anatomy. When studying topics such as creation and evolution, human cloning, abortion, and stem cell research, students are pointed to Scripture as the ultimate authority and are encouraged to develop a biblical perspective about these topics.


Tuesday/Thursday (10:51-11:51)












Physics offers classical mechanics, work and energy, periodic motion and wave theory, electricity and magnetism, optics, relativity, quantum physics, and nuclear physics. These topics are presented in conjunction with real-world modeling exercises (dominion modeling) that reinforce a Christian worldview by demonstrating the relevance and validity of approaching science from a biblical perspective. The course is mathematically rigorous and algebra-based. The well-prepared student should have completed at least two years of algebra and one year of geometry instruction. In order to help students succeed, the necessary math skills are gradually introduced in a scaffold fashion, reinforced with numerous example problems.

Tuesday/Thursday (8:45-9:45)