Sixth Grade Core Classes

*Courses/curriculum/teachers reflect CHESS Christian School's 2017-18 schedule.

                       LANGUAGE ARTS

 Kasey Greely

Kasey Greely


Reading 6 engages students with a variety of character-building stories and classic literature selections. An emphasis on literary elements, higher-level thinking skills, and vocabulary enrichment provides a bridge to junior high literature classes.





English 6 emphasizes traditional grammar as well as practice with essential reference skills. The elementary English educational materials provides a step-by-step introduction to the Writing Process for eight different types of writing assignments, such as personal narratives, newspaper editorials, historical fiction, and limericks.


Day/Time - Tuesday/Thursday (8:45 - 10:28)



 Jill Rogers

Jill Rogers

Decimals, percents and other topics. Zeta extends the student’s concept of place value to the right of the decimal point. Students learn to complete core operations with decimals. The connection between fractions and decimals is presented.


Day/Time - Tuesday/Thursday (10:51 – 11:51)


 Kasey Greely

Kasey Greely

Volume 3 in Apologia's What We Believe series, Who is My Neighbor? And Why Does He Need Me? helps children understand how to live as Christians who are salt and light in the world, in their country, in their family, and in their lives wherever they go.


Day/Time - Tuesday/Thursday (10:21-10:51)


 Tanya Casey

Tanya Casey

Science 6 reveals the incredible intricacies of cells and organisms, matter and energy, astronomy, heredity, the nervous system, and the immune system. This elementary science educational materials includes exciting, but manageable science experiments and science projects.


Day/Time - Tuesday/Thursday (12:37 – 1:47)


 Kati Montgomery

Kati Montgomery

From Adam to Us Creation to Cathedrals will introduce students to ancient civilizations, the Great Empires, the early Church, and the Middle Ages through lessons written in a narrative style and richly illustrated with color photographs and maps. Each unit includes five lessons that look at biographies, landmarks, daily life, "God's Wonders" (natural resources), and "Our World" stories (major events).


Day/Time - Tuesday/Thursday (1:41 – 2:45)