Boys: Heart of a Warrior

This year Heart of a Warrior will take a wider brushstroke in providing young men an opportunity to gain a greater understanding about who and where they are and recognizing the good that God is up to in their lives. The primary goal is for a student to discover their identity in Christ and to know belovedness and wholeheartedness. Spiritual and emotional health is addressed as well.

We will be partnering with Manna WorldWide helping to Engage, Equip and Empower young people to become servant leaders who leverage all they have and all they are for the Glory of God and the good of others. Students will be invited to participate in an optional Fall weekend Equip retreat and an overseas spring mission trip. Fundraising initiatives will be built into the experience to support their involvement and ownership of these experiences. There will be a need for parent chaperones as well.

Equip Retreat (Kentucky) Sept 11-13
Empower Mission Trip Spring 2021

Outside commitment: moderate (fundraising, activities, and optional trips)