Around the World

Get ready for your student to take the ultimate class field trip! Through games, stories, art, and music, students will be introduced to many countries, exploring languages and cultures across the globe. Along the way students will keep journals and passports as they...

Author Adventures

Literature will come alive as CHESS preschoolers discover artists and books that are engaging, exciting, and will expand their knowledge and imagination! Outside commitment: none

Five in a Row

Students will be introduced to math, science, social studies, geography, and art through classic children’s literature. The class will include hands-on interaction with the stories read, and fun extension ideas you can use at home. This is a great class for all types...


This class is a fun way to improve your students foundational skills, helping them achieve at their optimal potential in their core classes. We will be focusing on things such as; telling time, starting a story, writing on notebook paper, handwriting, math skills, and...


Students will receive a basic foundation in the study of geography, studying the physical character of the earth. Learning will include hands-on activities, games, and group learning. Outside commitment: minimal