This class is a fun way to improve your students foundational skills, helping them achieve at their optimal potential in their core classes. We will be focusing on things such as; telling time, starting a story, writing on notebook paper, handwriting, math skills, and...


CHESS History courses teach: American History From Adam to Us American Revolution Civics World History Ancient Civilization Government Economics

Language Arts

CHESS Language Arts courses teach: Alphabet Listening Skills Phonics/Beginning Reading Parts of Speech Rhyming Words Sentence Structure Handwriting Punctuation Reading Comprehension Capitalization Writing Composition Public Speaking Vocabulary Proofreading Spelling...

Literature Alive

Literature will come alive as students discover artists and books that are engaging, exciting, and will expand their knowledge and imagination! Outside commitment: none

Martial Arts

Students will learn body movement and control involving the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges with the hands and feet. *Additional $250/year fee for belts, testing, and teaching for K-8 *Additional $125/semester fee for belts, testing, and...