CHESS Christian School

A private, hybrid school serving PreK-12 students in SW Ohio

Vision & Mission

We are CHESS.  As a future-facing, 21st-century school, we help students discover who God created them to be by strategically matching students’ God-given gifts with creative educational opportunities

Christ-Centered Community

We are created to belong.  When Christ-centered families fervently follow biblical principles and are united in community, learning is maximized. Made in the image of God, we strengthen our identity in Christ through Christian community patterned after the Trinity as we know God and are known by others.

Passionate Discipleship

We are made for influence.  As Christ followers, relationships connect us to God and others.  We experience passionate discipleship through authentic, daily interactions in addition to an intentional, structured curricula infused with biblical integration.

Contagious Learning

We are created to learn.  By designing a safe, interactive, and engaging environment, students and teachers experience contagious learning in the context of a transformative biblical worldview.  As lifelong learners, we are 21st century, critically-thinking, problem-solving, Christ-centered world-changers.

Flexible Engagement

We are each unique.  Rather than delivering a “one-size-fits-most” education, we give families the choice for their level of engagement through creative collaboration with the school, individualized scheduling, and flexible financial options.

Transformative Future

We are made to grow.  Spiritually, educationally, relationally, and physically, we seek corporate and individual transformation as we increasingly become who God created us to be.

Admissions Process

Developing a strong partnership takes time.  Join the journey as we walk side-by-side to explore whether CHESS is a good fit for your family.

Tuition Details

Christian education can be flexible and affordable.  With customized schedules and creative offerings, build your educational path based on the needs of your student.

Core & Elective Schedules

We are building dynamic learning experiences for our students. With over 60 core & elective offerings, the 2021-22 PreK-12 schedule is available now!

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Preparing for the Future

Join expert-led classes and a creative curriculum inspired by God, the outdoors, academics, and your child.

PreK-12 at CHESS




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908 E. Lower Springboro Rd., Springboro, OH 45066